Ksc intern project plan

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Intern Command and Control System Software Developer


As a intern for the Engineering Directorate (design and development organization) at Kennedy Space Center, I will support programs responsible for creating new command and control systems. The current command and control systems must be revised in order to pillar the development of future rockets and spacecraft. This software will be used for the for the new SLS rocket which is planned for launch operations in a little less than two years.


  • Complete the architecture overview training
  • Complete source control and work tracking tool training
  • Acquire all required development accounts and access
  • Develop for assigned software group
  • Review software with the relevant team lead personnel
  • Potentially run software tests in the Firing Room in the Launch Control Center

Technical Approach
This internship will require the use of technologies and software considered sensitive but unclassified. Overlooking the platform specifics, this work will include:

  • A Linux development machine
  • Source control software
  • Work tracking software
  • An automated testing framework
  • A text editor of the student’s choice that’s available on Linux
  • Shell scripting for configuration